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I’m not sure what possessed me, other than my minor obsession with this band, but I thought I’d attempt to compile my twenty favorite Breaking Benjamin songs and explain why each one made the list. I’ve been wanting to make a playlist for when I can’t listen to all their…

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Prepare to feel the feels with thirty tunes, specifically chosen for this wonderful day of love.

Here you’ll find tales of broken hearts, cheaters, unrequited feelings, loneliness, despair, betrayal, revenge, and the like. Basically, all the obvious February 14 themes.

In no particular order, other than spreading out bands and…

In early 2020, I binged four seasons of “Better Call Saul.” My thoughts were as follows:

Better Call Saul is one of my favorite shows. I’m in love with Bob Odenkirk, unironicly. This show is pretty underrated, and while they have been nominated for awards, they’re always shut out by…

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I’ve lost a few of you already, but hear me out.

As the title suggests, I’ve decided writing wishes are the way to go. No goals for me. Nope. That doesn’t mean stop writing. You should still have some kind of plan. Just don’t let your plan control you.


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I’m assuming since you’re here, you’re already procrastinating and most likely avoiding your writing project, right? Well, I’m here to help give you something to do, which, in the long run, will benefit your novel and make your characters rounder. At the very least, it’s something actually related to the…


Teach daily. Write often. Coffee always. Music & cats required. Aiming for laughs or tears. Hopefully both.

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